Pakse is the gateway to southern Laos, and with regular flights from Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Bangkok and Siem Reap it is more accessible than ever.  Generally regarded as the most peaceful and laid back region of Laos, the area includes a whole host of attractions all within a relatively short drive or boat ride.

What to see!!

Wat Phou is a dramatically situated temple sat atop a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside.  A UNESCO World Heritage site, Wat Phou is a must see.  Our Wat Phou excursion includes a fantastic private boat cruise down the Mekong River from Pakse to the old town of Champasak.

4000 Islands or Si Phan Don is a river archieagpaelagolo situated in the heart of the Mekong.  While Laos is a landlocked country, the 4000 Islands offers the perfect relaxing end to any tour.  The area exemplifies the laid back peaceful qualities of the country.  Our tours of the area often include a private boat tour of the many islands, including a detailed exploration of Khone Island, an idyllic palm fringed island with friendly fishing villages and beautiful waterfalls.  For nature lovers, a boat trip to visit the rare Mekong freshwater dolphins is a must.

Bolaven Plateau is a refreshing highland area just 45 minutes from Pakse.  The plateau features beautiful waterfalls, including the breathtaking twin waterfall of Tad Fan, and the remote spot of Tad Lo, a unique place where you can overnight at a lodge directly overlooking the falls.  It’s a great place to escape the heat, being around 700m above sea level.  The plateau is also famous for its tea and coffee plantations, indeed the coffee here is of such good reputation it is exported around the world, providing a valuable income for the many minority villages that inhabit the area.

Xi Pian is a National Park, a natural wetland area, great for trekking, including overnighting at a local village, Elephant riding and nature trekking, taking in the diverse birdlife that is found within the wetlands.